Child Support Specialists
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Why Child Support Specialists?


We are a small company so we can give you the attention you deserve. Other agencies have too many cases to be able to help everyone. Why would you want a large company? You have already tried that with large government agencies. 

We charge a fair and reasonable fee. Other companies take a large amount of YOUR support for their fee. We are the lowest priced child support agency and our fees have never changed.

We do not charge any upfront money. Other companies may want upfront money. We are confident that we will be successful.


We do not take a lump-sum payment. Other companies may keep around $500.00 of your first money collected. You need your support now and should not have to pay high fees.

We have extensive child support experience. Our Chief Investigator has been working cases since 1988. Other companies don't hire experienced child support workers. They use "bill collectors". 

We were founded in 1990, making us the oldest in Texas. Other companies have been taken over by their creditors or have simply gone out of business. You should be able to trust your child support agency to handle funds for you. We are a licensed agency and are family based.

We provide locate work to make your case successful. Other agencies may expect you to provide all the information. We have advanced technology to make locating easy. All cases have locate reports done at the start.