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Posts made in March 2020

5 High-Tech Tools for New Moms on the Go

With your diaper bag loaded with wipes, creams, burp cloths, and enough diapers to get you through a half-dozen blowouts, you’re ready to take on the world with your newborn in tow. Or are you? While these diaper bag basics will keep you on top of routine baby care, they won’t do much when it comes to the more nuanced aspects of baby care — like finding the closest bathroom with a baby changing table or remembering what the heck was on your grocery list (yes, mom brain is real!). If you want to be prepared for everything motherhood throws your way, these are the high-tech tools you need in your bag.

A Portable Phone Charger

Before we dive into the must-have apps for new moms, let’s talk about the one thing the folks at Kindred Bravely say you absolutely need when you’re on the go with your little one: a portable power bank. Whether you’re trying to use one of the awesome apps below or just find directions to your pediatrician’s office, there’s nothing more frustrating than pulling out your phone to realize it’s dead — and trust us, when you’re sleep-deprived and have a million other things on your mind, it’s guaranteed to happen.


A portable power bank is perfect because there’s no need to hunt for an outlet and camp out until your phone is charged. Instead, you can connect to a compact portable charger and power up on the go. A power bank won’t break the bank, either. With top-rated devices starting around $20, popping one of these in your diaper bag is a no-brainer.

The Baby Tracker App

Tracking is surprisingly important for newborns. From feeding and nap schedules to the contents of their diapers, tracking provides important insights into your newborn’s health and development. It also ensures you have an answer other than a blank stare when your pediatrician inevitably asks about these things. However, Excel spreadsheets aren’t exactly practical on the go, and even pen and paper are unwieldy when you’re holding a baby in one hand and writing with the other. Instead, download the Baby Tracker app so you can log your baby’s metrics with a tap of a button.

My Pregnancy and Baby Today App

Tracking your baby’s daily habits is great when things are going as planned, but what happens when your baby’s nap schedule goes haywire or a diaper change comes with an unexpected surprise? Rather than calling your pediatrician in a panic, pull up the My Pregnancy and Baby Today app. Developed by the pros at BabyCenter, this app offers expert advice on your newborn’s first year and connects you with other parents.

The Cozi Family Organizer App

Becoming a mom changes everything — well, almost. As much as your days revolve around your little one, there are still household chores to be done. Managing a household on top of a newborn is a lot for anyone, let alone an exhausted new mom. Instead of trying to remember everything you need to accomplish on your own, let the Cozi Family Organizer app manage the mental load for you. This handy app lets you share shopping and to-do lists, calendars, and more so everyone can see what’s on the agenda.

Sit or Squat App

Raising a newborn isn’t all nap routines and feeding schedules. Sometimes, it’s racing to find a bathroom that you’re not too grossed out to use — and doing it before time runs out. Luckily, the aptly-named Sit or Squat app is here to save the day. Developed by Charmin, this app rates public restrooms on cleanliness and lets you filter based on changing table availability.


Becoming a mom for the first time is full of changes — some fun, some not so much. But no matter what you’re facing, there’s someone out there who’s dealt with it before you. Not only does that mean there’s an amazing network of new moms to connect with, but also clever apps to help you conquer every challenge new motherhood throws your way.