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Tax Season and Child Support

Tax day is April 15th 2019. Many moms and dads rely on tax returns to receive child support. Here is what you need to know…..

Which parent has the right to claim child on taxes?

The parent who the child spends the most time with may claim the dependent.

Can they take your federal income tax for child support?

If you are behind in child support and your state child support enforcement office collects your payments from you, the IRS will take your tax refund to cover the arrears The IRS will then give the money to the appropriate child support agency.

Can non-custodial parent claim child on taxes if child does not live with him?

Although you may have provided financial support, you may only claim the child if they lived with you for at least six months of the tax year and if you provided more than half of their living expenses for the tax year.

Why didn’t I receive the absent parents tax return for child support?

The absent parent may of not had a return or your child support agency did not have your case set up to receive the return.

How do I make sure I receive the tax return for my child support this year?

File with an agency that gets results and file now.  It may be too late to receive if you wait.  Apply Now APPLICATION



Child Support from a Tax Return

Originally posted on April 18, 2017

Child Support


Tax Season is a big time for child support agencies. At Child Support Specialists we are looking to get large amounts of owed support during tax season.  What are the pros and cons?

Tax DeadlinePros

  • A custodial parent can get support from the non- custodial parent even if he/she did not receive payment during the year.
  • A parent can receive a large amount owed.
  • It helps the non-custodial parent pay towards back support.
  • The absent parent may not file for taxes.
  • The absent parent may owe taxes and not have a return.
  • A parent must have an order of support and the absent parent must be behind in support.

Some parents want to know if they will receive the tax return from the new spouse also. This can be done only if the absent parent filed with the new spouse. It can’t be done if they did not file together.

Do you have an agency working for you? We strongly suggest that you do so you can receive his/her tax return for child support. It’s that time of year.

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