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Are You Really Able to Collect Support Payments in the 30 to 60-Day Time-Frame?
Yes, if CSS is able to help, you can normally expect the first payment in 30 to 60 days.

Can You Collect Child Support, Even without a Court Order?
Yes, we can collect support with or without an order. We also provide paternity testing.

If I Move, What Do I Do?
Always update us of any new address and phone number. You may update any information at https://csskids.com/clients/case-status-clients/

How do I check the status of my case?

CSS encourages clients to check case status. All clients should have our free phone app that allows you to message us. Just type Child Support Specialists at the app store or google play. CSS can't provide case information via phone for security reasons. You may check status at https://csskids.com/clients/case-status-clients/

What is my account number or login information?

You will only be provided login information once your case is paying. Until then please check your case information at https://csskids.com/clients/case-status-clients/


Do I Have to Pay Any out-of-Pocket Fees to Get CSS to Work on My Child Support Case?
No, we do not require any up-front or out-of-pocket money.

Will I Owe CSS Anything If No Collection Is Made?
No, we work the case at our risk and expense.

How do I cancel my child support services?

You must send written notice to Client Relations that you wish to cancel services.  You will receive confirmation or a request for anything else we need within 48 business hours normally. You may send notice to https://csskids.com/clients/case-status-clients/


Contact us if you have any further questions regarding the Child Support Specialists FAQ you see here. We offer services for individuals throughout Texas.